About ChannelVision Magazine

The Market

Service providers long have used channel partners to sell services to small/medium businesses. So have computer hardware/software and phone system providers. Where it is possible to sell direct to large businesses and  through mass media and Web channels to consumers, the small/medium business market typically is reached using distribution partners. As much as 80 percent of volume moves through a channel of some type.

The Product
ChannelVision is a bi-monthly magazine and website read by channel partners selling all manner of voice, data, access, managed and business services — both on premise and “in the cloud” — as well as technology gear and equipment primarily in the small/medium business space.

Editorial Objective
Telecom agents, VARs, technology integrators and other channel partners face historic and huge changes in the product set and skills they must have to sell to small/medium business and enterprise customers. Business models also are changing significantly. What channel partners need is perspective on how to adapt, what to sell and how to sell it.

Value Proposition
ChannelVision is a highly focused and efficient way for service providers and hardware and software companies to reach experienced channel partners targeting the small/medium business space. More than two-thirds of ChannelVision’s subscribers (plus an additional and growing Web-based readership) are telecom agents and equipment VARs.